Cemex is a clinically proven bone cement with long-term success in the fixation of joints. Cemex features a unique self-contained delivery system that integrates both the bone cement powder and liquid into an enclosed mixing system, while offering surgeons and operating room personnel simplicity, safety and reliability.

Cemex System is unique because of its pre-loaded liquid and powder components. It features a self-contained delivery system that has been clinically proven in Europe for many years.1 By integrating the bone cement powder and liquid into an enclosed mixing system, Cemex offers simplicity, safety and reliability in bone cement with several advantages:

Easy set-up: Cemex System is a combined bone cement mixing and delivery system. With no bags to open, no complicated mixing system and no hoses, cement preparation time is minimized. In just a few simple steps performed by one person, the cement is ready to use.

Contamination is minimized: If the technique is followed, the operator should never come into contact with the material during cementation stages, which eliminates the risk of foreign particles (e.g. glass) or bacteria from entering the cement during mixing.

Minimized vapors: The enclosed system minimizes the release of toxic vapors into the operating room environment. Not to mention that Cemex already has 33 percent less monomer than its competitors.