Optivac Fusion is a closed system for mixing and collection of bone cement under vacuum and for manual application of bone cement with a spatula during e.g. knee arthroplasty.

Optivac Fusion is based on the same technology as the proven and documented Optivac with its patented design for collection under vacuum. The system remains closed during the whole mixing phase. Optivac Fusion provides the same excellent results regarding cement quality as the Optivac.

Optivac Fusion can mix between 40g and 80g of all kinds of bone cement.

The standardized mixing procedure under vacuum produces consistently high-quality, homogenous cement, with lowest possible porosity. Both mixing and collection of bone cement are performed under vacuum.

  • Based on a proven system
  • Standardized mixing and collection under vacuum
  • Reproducible high quality bone cement
  • Easy handling
  • Manual application with a spatula
  • For high and low viscosity bone cements
  • For high and low volume bone cements
  • Closed system during mixing assures a safe working environment