Smartpulse™ from Orthopaedic Innovation Limited

The fully disposable single use Smartpulse for smooth and efficient wound debridement is the latest addition to the range of specialist products offered by Orthopaedic Innovation Limited, a member of the Medsmart Solutions family.

Developed for use in total joint procedures, cemented, press-fit or revisions, the Smartpulse is a versatile instrument which combines convenience and power for the removal of necrotic tissue, bacteria and foreign material whilst providing controlled pressure for efficient cleansing and irrigation.

The single use system is supplied in a double sterile pack and includes a lightweight hand piece, two tips, one of which is a dual cone splash shield tip, designed for optimal fluid containment, therefore helping to control the dangers associated with transient spray.

The easy set up system is battery powered and features trigger controlled pressure settings to deliver either a powerful cleaning action or a gentle lavage for soft tissue. Concurrent suction and irrigation thoroughly removes debris and contaminants without flooding the operative site.