By: 1 June 2009

Synthes TomoFix is a new system for osteotomies around the knee. Being a Locked Internal Fixator incorporating the LCP technology, TomoFix allows highly stable fixation for osteotomies of the medial and lateral proximal tibia and the lateral distal femur.

Anatomically shaped TomoFix plates for osteotomies at the medial proximal tibia, lateral proximal tibia and lateral distal femur are fixed with 5.0 mm LCP Locking Screws. The construction of the locked internal fixation is pretensioned intraoperatively, which provides compression on the opposite cortex and promotes direct bone healing. The high stability of a fixation using TomoFix is particularly effective in opening wedge osteotomies and enables early mobilisation and weight bearing. The TomoFix system also contains chisels and specially designed bone spreaders for the opening wedge osteotomy technique. Due to the high stability achieved, there is no necessity to fill the osteotomy gap with cancellous bone graft.

TomoFix, the osteotomy system for the proximal tibia and distal femur, is based on the locked internal fixator concept of LCP and allows early mobilisation and weight bearing.