The Bio-Spacers Range from Orthopaedic Innovation Limited

The Bio-Spacers range from Orthopaedic Innovation Limited, a member of the Medsmart Solutions family, are innovative and highly effective devices designed to help overcome arthroplastic infections, whilst maintaining mobility and the quality of life for the patient. These temporary, implantable devices, which incorporate Gentamicin, are used to provide a replacement for a joint prosthesis which has been removed as a result of a septic process. They release antibiotic into the surrounding tissues to help the treatment of infected total joint replacement and facilitate successful re-implantation of the definitive prosthesis.

Our range of Bio-Spacers are made from O-I Bone Cement and the Hip Spacer is reinforced with a Stainless Steel (316L) insert to enhance strength. All our spacers feature highly polished surfaces to prevent lesions to joint surfaces and various models and sizes are available. O-I Bio-spacers key features are:

  • Maintenance of joint space, mobilisation and limb length (Partial weight- bearing and functional use of the limb must be assessed on an individual patient basis).
  • Effective in-situ release of high local antibiotic dosage with reduced systemic effects.
  • Homogeneous distribution of antibiotic in the cement.
  • Implantable with bone cement.
  • Improved quality of life between surgeries.
  • Eventual easier re-implantation of the definitive prosthesis.
  • Shorter hospitalisation.
  • Lower costs per treatment.
  • Improved recovery index.