By: 1 June 2009

Tibial Osteotomy is usually considered for younger patients with unicompartmental OA and other patient groups who are unsuitable for Total or Uni Compartmental knee replacement.

Surgery involves resection of a wedge of bone to over correct the patients knee deformity. The line of weight transmission or H.K.A. axis now passes through the unaffected compartment of the knee with a resultant reduction in knee pain.

The new Unloader One OA knee brace from ֳsur is designed to achieve pain relief by unloading the compartment which is showing arthritic changes and pass load through the less affected side.

Many OA knee braces are unnecessarily rigid as their design is often based upon ligament braces. The common issues with this style of brace are rotation, migration and poor patient compliance.

In contrast the Unloader One is a fresh new design tailored precisely to the holistic needs of the OA patient, thus providing flexible, lightweight and superior unloading ability. As a result patient compliance and pain relief is optimised.

In summary the Unloader One is an effective treatment regime which can deliver a similar outcome in terms of pain relief as a Tibial Osteotomy whilst avoiding the risks, cost and rehabilitation associated with a surgical treatment path.

Pollo F E, Jackson R W, Knee Bracing for Unicompartmental Osteoarthritis, Perspectives on Modern Orthopaedic, Volume 12 Number 1 January 2006