Total Hip Replacement is a safe and clinically proven surgical procedure. Implant manufacturers and orthopaedic surgeons have been working in partnership on Total Hip Replacement for many years, the former improving and mastering the materials used, and the latter refining the implantation techniques.

Medacta International is committed to becoming a preferred partner for new technologies such as total hip arthroplasty through the minimally invasive anterior approach (the AMIS approach = Anterior Minimally Invasive Surgery).

Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) is defined as a surgical technique performed through a short skin incision to avoid injury to muscles and tendons. The anterior approach follows the principles of MIS. Other approaches advertised as minimally invasive (posterior, lateral, or double incision approach) are associated with muscle and/or tendon injury.

The anterior approach is the only technique which follows a path both intermuscular and internervous and therefore reduces considerably the risk to damage periarticular structures such as muscles, tendons, vessels and nerves. For this reason, the AMIS approach is the ideal approach for atraumatic surgery which is fundamental for a fast recovery.