By: 1 October 2009

Designed from the experience of previous generations of implants and refined with todays technology, the CPS-PLUS cemented stem system uses existing philosophies of highly polished, double tapered stems, which minimises the adhesion and wear between cement and implant together with innovative redesigns and improvements.

The CPS-PLUS is the culmination of attention to detail with the optimised geometry of the stem maximising the benefit of this particular method of fixation.

  • Proximal centraliser – for optimal alignment of stem axis in both planes, pressurisation, optimal leg length control and even cement mantle.
  • Distal centraliser – with inner void for stem subsidence and wings for homogeneous cement mantle of 2-3mm thickness). Highly polished surface – for the minimisation of adhesion and wear between cement and implant and to allow intended subsidence.
  • Rectangular cross-section – for best possible rotational stability, based upon anatomical cross-section proportions.

The CPS-PLUS is made from forged stainless steel according to ISO 5832-9 and is available in five stem sizes and one CDH size for optimal femoral sizing. The range also extends to revision surgery with the CPS-PLUS Long Stem.