This implant from Orthodynamics, is based upon the well-documented principles of a polished, collarless, double taper design. Manufactured from a high nitrogen, Ortron 90 type of stainless steel, the stem is designed for cemented fixation. Three stem patterns are available- a Narrow 40 offset, standard 40 offset and a heavy 45 offset, femoral hemi-head sizes range from 38 to 58 mm inclusive, in addition, 22.225, 26mm, 28mm and 32mm heads, all with inter- operative neck length adjustment facilitate conversion to total hip. Dedicated instrumentation based upon a total hip format facilitates prompt and accurate placement of the prosthesis. Junior surgical staff attempting hemiarthroplasty will find the instrumentation uncomplicated, but complimentary to their professional development in arthroplasty surgery.

A 5 year prospective evaluation of the Logic stem in THR surgery demonstrated no deterioration in functional outcome at 5 years, despite 70% of the femoral components having migrated more than 1 mm. Movement ceased at approximately 1 year identified by RMA analysis. Merle DAubigne hip scores at 5 years were excellent in 8/21, good in 11/21 and satisfactory in 2/21 (Mahajan Abhijit, Spencer R Shannon M, Weston General Hospital; presented at EFORT 2003, Helsinki).

It is with this clinical based confirmation of stem performance that we are delighted to be able to offer an improved choice of contemporary prosthesis for total hip replacement and in the management of fracture neck of femur in the significant elderly patient group.