By: 1 October 2009

Memometal Technologies of France, a specialist in implants for use in orthopaedic surgery on the hands and feet, will open a sales office in London in August 2009. The companys Smart Toe, an implant to treat hammer or claw toes, is already used by leading orthopaedic surgeons around the world.

Memometal Technologies is one of the few companies in the world to focus exclusively on this area of orthopaedic surgery. It develops innovative products using nitinol a nickel/titanium alloy with excellent shape-memory properties which, when used correctly, can be extremely beneficial in hand and foot surgery. Memometal Technologies is the only company managing the entire product-development process, from alloy development to the sterile end-product, thus ensuring optimal product traceability and quality, as well as improved patient safety.

Memometal Technologies invests a substantial part of its turnover in research, enabling the company to regularly bring innovative implants and prostheses to the market. Accordingly, Memometal Technologies is widely acknowledged for its revolutionary products, which are used by leading surgeons.

Smart Toe, an implant to treat claw toes, helps reduce considerably any risk of infection, oedema or pain, while ensuring an optimal functional result the patient is able to walk again quickly, without suffering any post-surgical deformity, and all other articulations are safe. Smart Toe also maximises patients comfort, as there is no device protruding from the foot. Besides, patients are able to shower or bathe from the day after the surgery, as well as being able to wear their own shoes soon afterwards. Finally, there is no need for further operations to remove the device.