By: 1 October 2009

Designed and manufactured in the United States, the SmartPower range of Sternum, Oscillating and Reciprocating Saws, Drills and Reamers are a cut above the rest, providing power on demand wherever and whenever you need it. Lightweight, easy to handle and never found wanting, the SmartPower range is ready to use fresh out of the box and at the end of each procedure they are simply disposed of cleanly and efficiently. Indeed, every part of the unit can be destroyed easily, leaving no harmful residues.

Using the SmartPower range surgeons and theatre staff can be confident that their equipment is 100% reliable every time, completely eliminating downtime due to equipment failures, the need for re-sterilisation and any associated maintenance costs.

The SmartPower Sternum Saw is supplied pre-assembled with a blade. The Oscillating Saw is shipped without blades but features a universal locking hub which will accept any standard blades and the Reciprocating Saw has a similar feature which allows the fitting of standard reciprocating saw blades.

The SmartPower Reamer also features a universal locking hub which accepts the Zimmer/Hall chuck and the SmartPower Drill requires the use of a Trinkle chuck which comes pre-sterilised and ready to use. A selection of sterile accessories is also available to adapt the units to accept a host of different bits.