By: 1 October 2009

SoPlus announces its Universal system of power tools. SoPlus Universal is based on a single hand-piece, which can be powered by battery, AC adapter or compressed air, with a comprehensive range of interchangeable attachments. With SoPlus Universal, surgeons can perform drilling, sawing, reaming or any other procedure using the same hand-piece for all types of large bone, reconstructive, trauma and sports surgery. Interchangeability means fewer items need to be purchased, which cuts back on costs, battery charging routines and maintenance.

The SoPlus Universal systems advanced technology features high-power, brushless, sensorless, electronically-controlled electric motor for extra power and reliability; 18-volt, high-capacity lithium rechargeable batteries, which last three times longer during surgery compared with standard Ni-Cad batteries used by all other power tools manufacturers; and a powerful, silent, low-maintenance pneumatic in-line ceramic motors for compressed-air tools.

SoPlus Universal, thanks to its 250W/21Nm and its very low weight is the most versatile and powerful tool available today.

SoPlus is the new brand of Sodem Systems, based in Geneva, Switzerland, a leader in orthopaedic power instruments for 25 years.