Over 15 years of development and experience invested in the Poly-Tape range has produced the Neoligaments AchilloCordPLUS, specifically optimised for the reconstruction of an acute ruptured Achilles tendon. The AchilloCordPLUS is implanted via a minimally invasive, non-harvesting, quick, easy and effective technique. The 5mm x 800mm tubular tape is particularly recommended in the following cases:

  • Acute rupture during sport and where an extended period of post- operative immobilization is undesirable;
  • For the elderly and patients on steroid treatment, where wound healing is often a problem following ankle surgery.

The AchilloCordPLUS allows early passive and active dorsi-flexion which helps retain muscle bulk and strength. Successful physiotherapy can lead to partial weight bearing one to three weeks post-operatively and returning to sporting activities in as little as two to three months