Actifuse® MIS System - Reaching New Levels in Synthetic Bone Grafting

Actifuse MIS System is a unique, purpose designed applicator for the surgeon who wants a simple, ready-to-use bone grafting system for open and minimally invasive procedures. The system combines extended reach, controlled delivery and precise bone graft placement via a specially designed applicator.

The unique, silicate substituted, calcium phosphate chemistry of Actifuse is a significant advance in synthetic bone graft technology.

Actifuse MIS System is ideal for use in a range of spine and orthopaedic procedures and the applicator facilitates bone graft placement through a 200mm x 8mm prefilled cartridge. Each cartridge is filled with 7.5ml of Actifuse ABX for rapid, high quality bone formation.

The Actifuse MIS System is designed for ease of use and offers:

  • Transparent cartridge for easy visualization
  • Simple bayonet fitting for cartridge attachment
  • Easily replaceable cartridges for additional volume requirements
  • Textured grip for use in wet environments

Actifuse MIS System is designed for single patient use and comes as a complete system, in a sterile pack, containing an applicator plus one cartridge. Additional single cartridges are available for procedures with an increased volume requirement.

Actifuse is a unique, osteostimulative bone graft:

  • Accelerates bone formation
  • Physiologically mediated resorption
  • Demonstrated clinical success