By: 1 December 2009

The Brassard sling is a novel contemporary design to protect the arm following injury or surgery.

Traditional arm slings are unsightly, and can be embarrassing for the patient. We recognise our clients lead busy, demanding lives and wish to continue working and socialising without the stigma of an ugly sling.

At Brassard we believe that protection does not have to compromise style and good design. Brassard has redefined rehabilitation with the concept of the sling as an arm accessory.

The sling may be used following any upper limb injury or post surgery. The optional waist strap is provided to prevent external rotation following shoulder instability repairs.

The main portion of the sling is padded for extra comfort. It contains two discreet inside pockets for everyday items such as keys, wallet or phone. This luxury sling has an elegant sleek design that is highly functional, comfortable and adaptable.

We offer two styles cool khaki waxed cotton for the summer and reclaimed seatbelt fabric for winter, ideal for a business meeting or social event. For larger orders we offer a bespoke service and can embroider your clinics logo on the front.

The Brassard sling offers a sophisticated alternative for the discerning individual for whom life does not stop for an injury.