By: 1 December 2009

Bone Growth Stimulation devices are often prescribed for treating delayed and non-union fractures with reported success rates of 60% to 85%. However, application of the device has often required a cast window located precisely over the fracture, application of ultrasound gel, and long treatment times making both practical application and patient compliance a challenge.

The Donjoy Bone Growth Stimulator overcomes these difficulties. The Donjoy Combined Magnetic Field (CMF) device is placed by the patient over the cast or fracture site without a cast window or direct skin contact. The CMF signal penetrates through casts and soft tissue without diminishing, and has a wide treatment area, making it easy to use. The hand held controller has one start button, and beeps on completion of the 30 minute daily treatment.

The device is compatible with most internal/external fixations. DonJoy has historical data available outlining healing times and success rates per fracture site.