The Ziehm Vision FD Vario 3D mobile C-arm combines exceptional 2D-image quality with an extremely efficient intra-operative 3D imaging module that can be beneficially integrated with Computer-Aided Surgery (CAS) systems. This advanced technology offering higher image quality and enhanced precision, plays a fundamental role in specialisms such as orthopaedic surgery, traumatology, neurosurgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery.

The system offers surgeons an unmatched dynamic range perfect for soft tissue and skeletal imaging in the same image. The unique digital flat – panel detector provides distortion-free imaging and is insensitive to magnetic fields, which makes it possible to work close to MRI suites or areas where other sources of magnetic fields may be present.

The compact design means that both surgeons and operation staff will benefit from the units excellent manoeuvrability and easy handling, making positioning effortless. Ziehms Advanced Active Cooling system, standard on all Ziehm Vision models, means that overheating with consequential cooling delays during long procedures are a thing of the past with the Ziehm Vision.