By: 1 January 2010

Biocomposites have launched geneX®ds, a dual syringe mixing and minimally invasive delivery system containing geneX, the unique resorbable bone graft material with a negative surface charge.

The powder and liquid components of geneX are provided pre-packed in separate syringes. The syringes connect together and allow a faster, simpler and cleaner way for mixing geneX. The resulting setting paste can then be delivered through an 8cm dispenser (included). geneX®ds is ideal for difficult-to-reach surgical sites or minimally invasive procedures.

geneX is a synthetic bone graft material with a unique bi-phasic composition manufactured through a proprietary process ZPC (Zeta Potential Control) that confers the product with a reproducible negative surface charge. This property stimulates bone cell activity, accelerating bone formation and fusion by harnessing key proteins and directing osteoblast adhesion and proliferation for rapid osteogenesis. geneX is fully resorbable and is completely replaced by bone. geneX overcomes the surgeons reliance on donor tissue presenting both a cost saving and a reduction in the risks associated with its use.

geneX®ds is FDA cleared and CE marked. Available now in 2.5cc.

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