MiniHip Bone Conserving Hip Replacement from Corin

The MiniHip provides surgeons with an advanced conservative total hip solution for all active men and women that addresses activity, versatility and efficient technology. Corin is committed to providing healthcare professionals around the globe with clinically proven, innovative treatment solutions. A world leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of an extensive range of reconstructive orthopaedic devices, Corin has been associated with some of the most important technological developments over the last 20 years. With a focus on hip and knee implant solutions, Corin works in partnership with orthopaedic surgeons and other healthcare professionals across the globe to develop and deliver high-performance products complemented with outstanding service and quality. Its portfolio today also includes Trinity advanced bearing acetabular system, MetaFix total cementless hip replacement, Cormet advanced hip resutfacing, Uniglide unicompartmental knee replacement, Rotaglide+ total knee system, Zenith total ankle replacement and LARS ligament reconstruction.