Litos Foot Reconstruction

Lavender Medical are the exclusive UK distributors for litos/ Internal Fixation range. Litos/ Foot Reconstruction range is an innovative locking screw plate system with a free choice of multidirectional screw position which was specifically designed to treat forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot reconstruction, salvage and trauma cases. Main features include:

  • Instant mounting of screws, no thread forming
  • Variable angle allows implant to be adapted to the patient needs without significantly impairing screws ability to lock at an angle
  • Low-profile plates
  • Easy release of screw/plate connection
  • All plates can be bent anatomically without loss of function
  • All compression holes can be used for locking or conventional screws
  • Variable sized plates allow for reduced bone contact
  • Uses TiFix patented technology
  • Specific k-wire holes for temporary plate positioning
  • Pure titanium grade 1 or 2 plate thickness 1 mm (reinforced version 1.5 mm)