Newclip FootMotion

The FootMotion forefoot reconstruction system has been developed to enable surgeons to apply implants using conventional open techniques or via the increasingly popular minimally invasive techniques where self drilling, self tapping implants have a distinct advantage. Additional features include:-

  • The head of the screw has a cylindro-conical shape – allows a non-traumatic insertion of the screw into the cortical bone and optimal compression of the osteotomy, avoiding any risk of split cortical bone.
  • Cannulated shaft All screws are cannulated to guide the pins and make their use easier in minimally invasive and percutaneous surgery.
  • Distal thread – has been optimized to enhance the contact surface with bone. The two threads are spaced 180 apart which helps the screw penetrate the second cortical portion of the bone, at any angle.

Newclip have also developed a range of instruments in order to facilitate percutaneous forefoot techniques. Training in these techniques can be arranged by contacting Lavender Medical Ltd.