Wright Medical Technology, Inc.

Wright Medical Technology is a global company committed to the foot and ankle specialist.

In 2009, our focused efforts led to Wright Medical being recognised as the Leading Company in Foot and Ankle Surgical Products by Pearl Divers OrthoThisWeek and Frost & Sullivan.

The Charlotte Claw Compression Plate redefines stability for fusions and osteotomies. Available in two or four hole, it combines locked screw fixation with the compression and strength of a staple. It is easily adapted to varying anatomy.

The Darco LPS plate is a simple, precise and low profile solution for Lapidus fusion. It features converging locked screws for optimal holding power and an incremental step off design to translate the metatarsal laterally and/or plantarly.

The Biofoam Evans Wedge is a strong titanium wedge with an innovative cancellous matrix which provides a stable environment for rapid bone integration throughout the remodelling process.