Integra Mozaik

Integra Mozaik is an osteoconductive scaffold which exists in putty and strip. The first one has an excellent handling and moldability and is optimal for placement in irregularly shaped defect sites.

The compressive resistant strip retains bioactive fluids within scaffold to facilitate protein binding, maintains graft volume under compression and bends to conform to uneven surfaces.

Both are made of 80 % Highly Purified beta-TCP Granules that Provides defect filling volume and allow for radiographic visualisation of bone graft placement. And of 20 % Highly Purified Type-1 Collagen that provides sites for protein binding, biocompatibility and safety of Integras collagen demonstrated in over 10 million implants (neurosurgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and orthopedic surgery), moreover it is Rapid and completely absorbed bioactive proteins.

Integra Mozaik putty & strip contain mineral components necessary for bone growth.

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