STOP PRESS: JewelACL™ from Neoligaments

The JewelACL is a specialised textile scaffold which is rendered versatile for ACL reconstruction by various structural features. The scaffold is treated with a proprietary gas plasma treatment process that increases its surface energy and renders it hydrophilic.

The JewelACL can be implanted using modern ACL guidewire system with a similar anteromedial or transtibial surgical technique to that utilised for hamstring grafts.

Indications The JewelACL is indicated ACL reconstruction. It has been designed for use in partial or total tissue sparing ACL reconstruction with hamstrings.

Features and benefits

  • The continuous tubular form which can accommodate a hamstring tendon; this is facilitated by the suitability placed side openings.
  • The open weave sections with appropriate spacing to encourage tissue ingrowth into the scaffold.
  • The densely woven sections which have superior handling properties.
  • The JewelACL is a bio-enhanced prosthesis for the ACL reconstruction.
  • The JewelACL can be secured to the bone with currently available fixation devices.