Brushless Motors for Surgical Hand Tools

Delivering up to 30% more torque than traditional motors, Portescap's brushless motors generate minimal heat in an ultra-compact package. With higher performance in minimally invasive procedures, and with higher acceleration and peak speed, our motors help reduce the time required for critical procedures, meaning a faster start on patient recovery. Portescap brushless motors with electronic commutation deliver smooth, highly efficient and quiet operation ideal for high speed neurological and spinal drills, battery operated orthopedic saws and wire drivers, as well as arthroscopic shavers and surgical staplers.

Portescap also has available a line of sterilisable BLDC slotted motors uniquely designed to meet the requirements of sterile and other demanding environments, from surgical tools to aerospace and defense applications. With over 20 years of experience, Portescap has mastered the design of sterilisable motors tested to withstand in excess of 1,000 autoclave cycles and featuring cannulated shaft, custom pin-arrangement quick connect, shaft seals, and integrated sterilizable cable.

Models are available in size ranging from 13mm to 38mm, for 5 VDC to 150 VDC operation, with available no-load speeds ranging from 4,700 rpm to 100,000 rpm, and maximum continuous torque of 275.7 mNm (39 oz-in) with peak torque up to 2,278mNm (322.7 oz-in). Standard design to major redesign customisation is available.