By: 1 May 2011

TENEASE is a new treatment for tennis elbow. It is a portable, battery operated device which is effective and safe to use. Tennis elbow is a common condition and treatment options have been limited. The condition can last from a few months to over a year in many cases. Tenease works as a pain relieving device based on the ‘gate theory of pain’. This modality of pain relief has been proven to be effective with the results published in the Journal of Pain. The mechanism of action is similar to that of low energy extracorporeal shock wave therapy and the results suggest an accelerated recovery to the diseased tendon. Patients can use the device when and where they like. It is very easy to use and apply. One press of the button delivers 10 minutes of treatment. Tenease can also be used with other modalities of treatment such as physiotherapy or NSAID medication. Users have found that they can reduce or stop taking their NSAID tablets by using Tenease. This considerably reduces the risk of harmful side effects from long term NSAID use. Tenease is available in some Pharmacies and also online at At only 49.95 it is a cost effective treatment.