By: 1 September 2011

ANCHORAGE® A complete range of indication specific plating systems for fore-foot and mid-foot surgery

ANCHORAGE is a range of low-profile titanium plating systems, designed for foot surgery:

  • MTP arthrodesis : 3 versions
  • Lisfranc arthrodesis: 3 sizes
  • Lapidus arthrodesis: 4 sizes of steps
  • Metatarsal basal osteotomy: 4 sizes of wedge
  • Utility plates: from 2 holes to 7 holes

Thanks to the Compression Ramp Technology, the ANCHORAGE plating systems develop 1,5 to 2mm compression to aid fusion.

Screws are available in 3 and 3,5mm in locking or non-locking (+/- 15) version, with Torx socket head.