By: 1 September 2011

The ACCIS® Hip System

Large-diameter femoral heads are the ideal option for treating patients with degenerative hip disorders requiring hip arthroplasty. The replaced hip joint becomes very mobile without becoming unstable; the risk for hip joint dislocation is minimal. Only metal (CoCrMo) materials enable the prosthesis to mimic the natural joint size of the patient.

Several of the original metal-on-metal implants in resurfacing and large head arthroplasty have unfortunately reported less than optimal clinical outcome due to negative reactions of the soft tissues about the hip joint to the exposure of Co and Cr metal ions release.

Ceramic Surface Engineering of the articulating surfaces with Titanium Niobium Nitride ceramic adds completely different characteristics to the bearing surface to prevent adverse local tissue reactions.

Ceramic Surface Engineering increases the hardness of the surfaces and reduces wear, prevents corrosion and thus minimises the generation of metal ions preventing the increase of metal ion concentrations in the blood, reducing the allergy potential and increasing the wettability, thus enhancing lubrication.

The unique titanium adaptor in the ACCIS modular large head system reduces the fretting and pitting potential and has shown to prevent corrosion and metallosis.