By: 20 December 2011

Quality You Can Trust, Performance You Can Count On

The New V600 Large Bone Arthrex Power System

The new Arthrex 600 Power System will give you the Power, speed, versatility, reliability and performance you need. Our goal is to improve your surgical experience and make the surgery more efficient. The powerful motor makes drilling, reaming and cutting precise and efficient. The PEEK housing provides a lightweight, well balanced handpiece which is durable and reduces fatigue for consistant performance. State-of-the-art Lithium-ion technology provides you with excellent longevity, running times and short charging cycles for your convenience.

Arthrex Power System Benefits

  • Modular design is cost efficient
  • Excellent balance and ergonomics
  • Proprietary brushless motor technology – more reliable
  • Speed – auto detected by the attachment
  • Variable speed trigger with consistent torque from zero to max speed
  • PEEK- housing – lightweight, durable and cools faster
  • Lithium-ion technology – very long battery life
  • No memory effect – power life doesn’t get shorter over time
  • Highest power to weight ratio
  • Max charging time: one hour
  • Maximum power during entire running time
  • Machine wash durable
  • Lifetime lubricated – maintenance free