SwiveLock® Tenodesis – Forked Eyelet All Arthroscopic Technique

The SwiveLock® Tenodesis implants are designed for all arthroscopic proximal biceps tenodesis. This efficient system was designed to save steps and minimise the length of the procedure. The implants feature a unique, PEEK forked tip that is used to steer the biceps tendon to the bottom of the bone socket without the need to externalise or whipstitch the tendon. There is no need to predetermine tendon length, as position and tension are easily set and visualised prior to final anchor insertion. Strong fixation is obtained by simply advancing the preloaded SwiveLock® Tenodesis Screw.

The system also features Piloted Headed Reamers with built-in guide tips that eliminate the need to ream over a guide pin. The reamers are packaged sterile and are available in .5mm increments. The forked tip SwiveLock® Tenodesis implants are available in BioComposite and PEEK materials and in 7, 8 and 9mm diameters. For surgeons who prefer a traditional whipstitching approach, the BioComposite SwiveLock® Tenodesis Screws are also available with a PEEK closed-eyelet. In 6.25, 7, 8 and 9 mm diameters.

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