The Arthrex TRIMANO – Unlimited Intraoperative Shoulder Positioning

The 3D TRIMANO support arm can be moved in any direction and allows the patient’s arm to be positioned accurately and fixed securely, exactly where it is needed. By pressing the handle, the surgeon can “click and move” the sterile-covered arm support at any time during the operation.

Supporting the patient’s arm with the TRIMANO system allows the assistant to fully concentrate on the procedure without placing strain on his or her back as a result of an unergonomic body posture. The surgeon has unrestricted access to the surgical field and can lock and unlock the sterile arm rest during the operation to provide unlimited movement of the patient’s arm as and when required.

TRIMANO can be fitted to the accessory rail of any operating table and is ready for use immediately. The patient’s arm is secured to the padded, ergonomically designed arm rest using a sterile strap. The arm support, with its sterile cover, is connected to the arm rest by an adapter. Operation is intuitive. All required disposable articles are contained in the convenient sterile set.

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