Arthroscopic knotless TFCC repair with the Pushlock® Anchor

Introducing an all-arthroscopic, knotless technique to repair peripheral ulnar tears of the articular disk. The advantage of this technique is that it repairs both superficial and deep layers (ligamentum subcruetum) of the articular disk back-to-bone at their anatomic insertion. In addition, using a knotless technique decreases potential soft tissue irritation from suture knots. Suture passing is simplified by use of the TFCC SutureLassoTM with FibreStickTM stiffened FiberWire® suture. The use of FiberWire® suture allows for permanent suture fixation of the articular disk as compared to absorbable suture. A horizontal mattress suture is passed through the articular disc and loaded in the Pushlock® anchor. Deployment of the Pushlock® anchor completes the knotless repair. The featured TFCC Instrument Kit significantly simplifies the arthroscopic procedure.

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