Dog Bone Button for superior fixation in AC Joint Repair

The Dog Bone Button is a pre-contoured button utilising multiple FiberTape® sutures for AC joint reduction, providing a construct that is twice as strong as existing AC joint repair devices. Since the buttons are attached to the FiberTapes independently, only suture material is passed through the clavicle and coracoid tunnels. This allows the repair to be completed through 3mm tunnels for superior bone preservation and construct fixation strength. Tunnel drilling is made easier with the new AC guide arms and a 3mm Cannulated Drill. The guide arms feature angled tips and two posts to help seat the guide firmly against the base of the coracoid. The 3mm Cannulated Drill allows for one-step tunnel drilling, eliminating the need to drill over a guide pin. The innovative Dog Bone Button technique therefore provides significant procedural and biomechanical advantages in AC Joint Repair.

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