By: 26 June 2012

Biom’Up’s second product, COVA™, is an anti-adhesion membrane used where there is any risk of post-operative adhesions e.g. in hand surgery following nerve and tendon repair, or to reduce dissection time when re-operation is certain.

COVA is designed to slowly resorb allowing the tissues to remodel in line with the body’s normal healing process. COVA is very easy to use, it is highly compliant, almost like a controllable gel and easy to shape and cut. It has good tensile strength allowing it to be sutured in place. This strength remains for about one month and after three COVA has fully resorbed.

COVA and Matribone have been clinically proven for safety and efficacy – over 30,000 implantations based on the technology with no allergic nor immunogenic reactions. We have supporting case study data and are running a comprehensive prospective clinical trials programme.

All products are processed and manufactured in France, and we are both ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 approved as well as having ISO 7 and 8 clean room facilities.

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