The various postoperative management standards following meniscus repair have been the subject of discussion in professional circles for a long time, not least because a universal medical device had been lacking in the past. With its new M.4® X-lock knee brace, medi now has a unique product on the market, which, with its specific applications, has been designed especially for postoperative care after meniscus repair and is easy for the patient to handle.

Mode of action: the new M.4® X-lock knee brace can be locked quickly and simply and – if necessary – can be switched to the freely mobile mode with a single click. The patented lock system makes this novel form of treatment possible, as it enables the patient to progress to full weightbearing with the knee securely held in full extension as soon as the meniscus repair has stabilised. Benefits: wearing the brace prevents muscle atrophy, stimulates proprioception and reduces the risk of thrombosis. The 4-point stabilisation principle ensures a firm hold and supports the efficiency of the brace. The well-known benefits of the M4 brace range have been retained with individual setting of the degree of flexion still possible.

Biomechanical studies have shown that axial compression does not jeopardise meniscus repair.

Indications: the M.4® X-lock is prescribed for stable meniscus repair (e.g. repair of a longitudinal rupture of the medial meniscus), after surgical repair of ruptures of the knee extensor tendons (patellar tendon, quadriceps tendon) and after surgery on the articular cartilage of the patella/femur. It can also be used after patellar suture anchor procedures (e.g. MPFL replacement graft) and for combinations of cruciate ligament rupture and meniscus repair. Generally speaking, this new medi brace can be used for all indications in which axial weightbearing is possible and supports treatment.

High compliance factor = safe treatment: the unique click function of the joint enables it to be easily and quickly switched from the locked mode to the freely mobile mode. The leg can then be moved from extension into flexion. This guarantees that the patient can sit relaxed, get into cars easily and finds it easier to get dressed. Due to its light, slender design, it can be worn underneath trousers without any problems. Thanks to the water-repellent pads and straps, the patient can even wear the M.4® X-lock in the shower or when swimming. The spilt pad on strap #4 can be adjusted individually which prevents painful pressure on the surgical wound. The M.4® X-lock makes it easier for the patient to wear it all the time and thus fulfils the highest demands on efficacy and treatment compliance.

Source: *Staerke C., Bochwitz C., Groebel K.-H., Unterhauser F., Becker R., „The effect of meniscus compression on the biomechanical properties of repaired menical lesions“; Arch Orthop Trauma Surg (2004) 124, 221-225;