By: 11 September 2012

The iBalance® Unicondylar Knee allows for a reproducible, balanced result in patients with isolated medial or lateral compartment degenerative changes.
The surgical technique features fully instrumented bone preparation, with all femoral bone cuts made with spacer blocks. This allows for minimal and predictable bony resection, while maintaining optimal tensioning of the knee in both flexion and extension. The iBalance® Unicondylar Knee features an open articulation, which helps to minimise the shear forces across the tibial component. The components can be placed in up to 10˚ of varus/valgus angulation without the loss of implant congruency.

Femoral components follow the natural curvature of the femur decreasing medial/lateral overhang potential. The thin, tapered profile femur component also minimises patellar abutment. The tibial components feature two “mushroom” pegs and an anchor keel for solid fixation and a peripheral polyethylene locking mechanism. Both the tibial and femoral components are available in six sizes, left and right, providing a comprehensive range for any patient anatomy.

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