By: 11 September 2012

Mediracer®NCS is a handheld nerve conduction testing system that can be used by your clinic staff. Our testing methods are simple, fast and efficient. Mediracer UK Ltd. provides training and clinical support.

The Mediracer®NCS can test for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) cost-effectively and reliably. Mediracer®NCS has a sensitivity of 94% and specificity of 98% for the neurodiagnostic testing required for CTS.

The Mediracer®NCS can also be used to test for Ulnar Nerve Entrapment at the elbow. This addition to our range means that the Mediracer®NCS can be used to test for over 80% of the nerve entrapments affecting the arm.

All of our services are supported by a team of consultant neurophysiologists. If needed, our neurophysiologists are able to provide reports on your patients’ testing for £17.50. Our reports are provided within 48hours. Please come and see a demonstration of the Mediracer®NCS at stand 341 at BOA.