By: 12 September 2012

BioSampling Systems was created to enable you to increase laboratory throughput of biological samples and improve the quality of sample management (storage and release of biological samples, sample library…). BioSampling Systems provides full sample management solutions (software, automate, readers, accessories, consumables). They are taking action to improve sample management technologies with their 3S System (storage at -20°C/-80°C), NEO Sample Management (-135°C in mechanical freezers) and ICE (storage at -80°C/-196°C in liquid nitrogen).

The new product NEO Sample Management is designed to guarantee the traceability of samples, ensure sample integrity, improve tracking efficiency and also optimise space to satisfy all the user’s biobanking needs.The high performance NEO Sample Management portfolio gives users reliable medium and long-term storage management of their biological samples. The high-speed NEO Robot is ideal for aspirating and dispensing microlitre volumes into the NEO Plate 96 for high quality biobanking. Their systems can be used in diverse domains such as clinical, diagnostics, biotechnical, environmental, forensics, food quality and safety testing. For further information on NEO Sample Management solutions, contact us: