By: 12 September 2012

The internationally patented dynamic patella re-alignment technology enables safe and efficient rehabilitation in conservative and post-operative treatment of anterior knee pain.

The terms “anterior knee pain” or “patellofemoral pain syndrome” cover a number of structural and functional disorders of the patellar joint, which ultimately lead to the pathological lateralisation of the patella. In the relevant knee flexion angles from 10° to 30°, where there is danger of pain and dislocation, the re-alignment technology tracks the patella in the physiologically correct groove without increasing pressure as the flexion angle increases. This prevents the patella from tilting and putting greater pressure on the joint surfaces.

Otto Bock developed the Patella Pro jointly with experts from the Clinical Excellence Circle, a group of specialised physicians, therapists, biomechanics, and engineers. Practical and biomechanical tests in the laboratory have clearly confirmed the effectiveness of the Patella Pro.

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