Fujifilm, a specialist in diagnostic imaging and information systems for healthcare facilities, have introduced a new Cassette Tray option for their FDR AcSelerate.

Fujifilm’s FDR AcSelerate is a streamlined solution that combines dynamic speed and sharp images for an X-ray room of the future, combining a new flat panel detector, Csl scintillator, and Fujifilm’s proprietary “Irradiation Side Sampling” (ISS) technology. Now with the addition of a new Cassette Tray option, the FDR AcSelerate now also provides an even wider range of free exposure positions. The Cassette Tray option is available for FDR AcSelerate’s table, and utilises Fujifilm’s FDR D-EVO plus C35i/s and D-EVO G35i/s cassettes with Csl scintillator, which capitalises on the high X-ray absorption characteristics of Csl and the ability of its needle crystals to deliver image sharpness.

FDR AcSelerate also incorporates ISS technology, which enhances image quality by reading the data from the surface of the detector, thus light is collected before the radiation can be attenuated and diffused within the detector. ISS significantly improves MTF and DQE compared to conventional methods.

A new datasheet is available from Fujifilm on the new Cassette Tray option for their FDR AcSelerate.

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