Fujifilm provide diagnostic imaging and information systems for healthcare facilities, designed to assist medical professionals perform more efficiently and effectively. The company was recently awarded the contract for a single Picture Archiving and Communications Service (PACS) for Wales’ and is pleased to announce they have selected Acuo Technologies’ Universal Clinical Platform as part of their service solution.

This national contract will provide an efficient and cost-effective Picture Archiving and Communications Service (PACS) across Wales. Fujifilm’s Synapse PACS system will offer a fully integrated web-based solution to manage, store, distribute and retrieve images in an open environment. All images will be available on-demand, with a two-second response time for in-hospital viewing.

Synapse will work cohesively with Acuo’s Universal Clinical Platform to allow medical images and related clinical content to be interpreted and stored in a common environment, enabling clinicians across all facilities to be able to access patient information.

Fujifilm chose Acuo’s Universal Clinical Platform (UCP) to assist with this project for its VNA-based image archive deployment. UCP will serve as a comprehensive platform for clinical abstraction and life cycle management of all images and related content through an integrated XDS registry and repository solution embedded within the VNA.