Fujifilm provide diagnostic imaging and information systems for healthcare facilities, designed to assist medical professionals perform more efficiently and effectively. They have recently launched their new wireless DR cassette solution, the FDR D-EVO plus C35i, with Csl scintillator and ISS technology. The FDR D-EVO plus C35i is a unique cassette that allows more precise examinations with greatly reduced burden on patients. It displays images rapidly and utilises automatic trimming to ensure smooth examinations in reduced time.

The incorporation of Csl scintillator capitalises on the high x-ray absorption characteristics of Csl and the ability of its needle crystals to deliver outstanding image sharpness. In addition, the ISS technology means the TFT sensor is placed in front of the scintillation layer, instead of behind it, permitting a higher resolution image and reduced dosage.

A full colour, four page brochure is available on the FDR D-EVO plus C35i, detailing the benefits of this new Flat Panel Detector. Technical specifications are also detailed, including standard configuration options and optional extras.