The HiVac range has been designed to help theatre staff produce high quality cement which is critical to long-term joint survivorship. The HiVac range includes a range of products suitable for mixing all types of cement and also small amounts for specialist procedures e.g. vertebroplasty.

HiVac Bowl
The HiVac Bowl has a unique geared rotational axis which produces a reproducible high quality mix of bone cement that provides a significantly better mix quality compared to hand mixing and fixed axis devices.

HiVac 7
The HiVac 7 is an all in one mixing and delivery syringe. The combination of the HiVac 7 and gun design gives the surgeon the ability to control the flow of cement into the femur.
Are vacuum levels important?
The vacuum level in the HiVac range has been shown to give improved mechanical properties which maximise the fatigue resistance of the cement.
All HiVac products are made from a transparent material, giving clinicians an unclouded view of the cement during mixing.