Increasing blood flow through joints and soft tissues with heat is an important part of injury rehabilitation; helping to improve mobility, aid healing and provide pain relief.
To apply heat safely and effectively with traditional conductive heating aids has often been a challenge. Now the new carbon-fabric FAR infrared therapy systems from Thermedic are helping clinicians deliver thermal therapy safely and conveniently for a variety of conditions; from shoulder pain to back pain. In tests, Thermedic has been shown to increase blood flow in the knee by 203.6%.

Stephen Small, Director of Steadfast Clinics says: “Thermedic re-invents infrared. As well as thermal benefits, FAR infrared gives the added dimension of being a resonant energy which has been shown in different studies to offer non-thermal benefits to aid rehabilitation and relieve pain.”

Thermedic’s infrared insert is housed in an ergonomic joint support, has three easy to control temperature settings and runs from the mains.  Thermedic also comes with a flexible cold pack for acute pain and inflammation.

Thermedic is available for the Lower Back, Knee, Shoulder, Ankle, Elbow, Wrist and Thigh (hamstring).