Orthodynamics recently launched the aMace custom implant for pelvic reconstruction indications, which is an addition to other solutions for those complicated cases. In addition to aMace the company is able to offer Spacers that are suitable for two-stage revision cases and they are uniquely loaded with Vancomycin & Gentamicin antibiotic. The dual loaded antibiotic Spacers are available as a range of hips and knees with the shoulder available with Gentamicin only.

To complement the Spacer range, also available from Orthodynamics the first ever preloaded Vacomycin & Gentamicin bone cement called Vancogenx, which avoids the need to manufacture the dual loaded cement in theatres.

Orthodynamics is also able to offer a dual mobility acetabular cup from the Novae range, for those instances when you need to reduce known dislocation rates e.g. revision hip or following the NICE guidelines for treating #NOF.

Orthodynamics is able to offer a custom knee device called the Mayday Nail; used for arthrodesis of the knee. The device can be fully quoted upon request.

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