DePuy_ATTUNEDePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction, a global leader in devices for joint replacement, introduces its latest innovation in total knee replacement – the ATTUNE Knee System.

Created as a result of more than six years of extensive research, the ATTUNE Knee is an advancement in knee replacement that addresses a significant unmet need for patients, surgeons and providers. It is designed to provide better range of motion and improve the unstable feeling some patients experience during everyday activities.

Studies have shown that 10 to 20 percent of patients are not completely satisfied with their knee replacement1 and everyday tasks, such as stair descent and bending, are challenging. Further, research shows that 32 percent of patients are unable to kneel because of discomfort in the knee after knee replacement surgery.2 This reduced mobility can seriously affect a patient’s quality of life.

Mr. Peter James, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Nottingham City Hospital and ATTUNE Knee System Design Team Surgeon, said: “The ATTUNE Knee System is an innovative step forward in total knee replacement and has the potential to greatly benefit patients who are struggling with knee pain.”



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