By: 3 October 2013

Globus Medical recently introduced CALIBER, an innovative expandable lumbar fusion device that sets a new standard for lumbar fusion procedures. This device represents the future of MIS by optimising endplate-to-endplate fit and minimising insertion force.
Since the launch of CALIBER, Globus has generated significant surgeon interest. The success of this system can be attributed to the device’s ability to streamline the entire fusion procedure and facilitate a less invasive approach.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, as surgeons are pleased with the clear benefits that this system provides; including ease of insertion, controlled disc height restoration, and optimised fit.

CALIBER’s contracted height eases insertion and allows the implant to be inserted at a minimal height which may help reduce musculoskeletal resection, nerve root retraction, and insertion impaction force. The continuous expansion and controlled distraction are designed to restore disc height and to tension the annulus and surrounding ligaments.

CALIBER offers a variety of expansion ranges and implant footprints to accommodate varying patient anatomies.