The PEEKPower Distal Radius Plate System represents an innovative volar plating system with anatomically shaped plates in a novel material, Carbon Reinforced (CR) PEEK. CR-PEEK offers outstanding biomechanical properties and plate radiolucency allows improved intra- and postoperative evaluation of the fracture site and the healing process.

The CR- PEEK plate material utilised in combination with 2.7mm titanium locking screws prevents cold welding and allows easy implant removal. The inert nature of the material prevents soft tissue adhesions or bony consolidation of the plate. The CR-PEEK material is modulus matched to bone stiffness, reducing implant stress shielding. The system offers 2.7mm locking and non-locking screw options. The aiming adapters allow for ±12° of screw angulation or unidirectional screw placement.

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