By: 19 December 2013

ZETT OPTICS GmbH offers new and innovative small LED surgical lights – ZLED Medical Light 1000 and ZLED Medical Light 600. These special lights have been developed especially for physicians’ practices, ambulatory medical care centres and hospitals. The lights are used for examinations and minor surgical operations in examination rooms, operating theatres, intensive care units and emergency wards.
Thanks to LED technology in medical lighting, high illuminance levels are possible, combined with low heat build-up, long service life, high efficiency, utmost economic viability and excellent light quality.

There is a low-glare illumination of the wound area when using the Medical Light with a colour temperature of 4,500K, a neutral white, and a maximum illuminance of 100,000 lx (Medical Light 1000) or 60,000 lx (Medical Light 600), respectively, and a homogeneous light field result in optimal light conditions for the user.

The excellent colour rendition allows the attending physician to distinguish between different types of tissue. The specially designed precision optics offer excellent depth illumination and therefore high visibility and quality of light within a light field diameter of 185mm, which eliminates the need for refocusing. The light intensity can be varied either at the control panel on the luminaire head or at the controls on the sterile grip.

This small surgical light can be fixed to the ceiling or to the wall. Due to its compactness and low weight it is also available as a mobile light and can be used in any type of room.