By: 20 June 2014
All Inside TightRope® GraftLink with FlipCutter® II – Anatomical ACL Reconstruction TransLateral Approach

The new Arthrex FlipCutter® II changes from a drill pin to a retrograde reamer by simply pushing a button. Retrograde reaming with FlipCutter® II is ideal for anatomical ACL reconstruction via a translateral approach. This technique provides complete freedom of tunnel placement without the challenges and constraints of the traditional AM portal or trans-tibial drilling.

The ACL TightRope® has revolutionised cortical fixation by allowing intra-operative adjustability of  fixation, while providing a stiff, strong construct due to the proprietary four-point locking system. The ACL TightRope® RT (reverse tension) allows the surgeon to adjust the implant by pulling tensioning strands in the same direction of graft advancement.

Using the FlipCutter® II in combination with the ACL TightRope® RT GraftLink technique  allows simplified  Anatomical All-Inside ACL Reconstruction with adjustable cortical fixation on the tibia and femur.